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Greeting DA fellas, to anyone who read this thing is my duty to inform that i'm accepting some comms and trades, just drop your message on my inbox and i may (will) answer you asap! the price is on convenience for you.
Blaze out!
geist specification sheet WIP by edardox
geist specification sheet WIP
well... here it is, the wip at least, my machine is about to make BOOM! so this will take more time than the usual cuz this one will be HUGE!! and i really do thank the feedback about this character, thanks to everyone who  fav, comment and give their critics about this, i really appreciate it! 

there are all the pieces related to this:……………

hope you all like this!!

Blaze out!
Spectral fury (geist 3rd skill) by edardox
Spectral fury (geist 3rd skill)
Spectral fury (buff)

A ragefull scream that boost bouth meele damage and generak defense by 400% by 8 seconds, also every enemy in a radius of 5 meters run with fear for 5 seconds.

FINALLY!! i finished all 4 skill for my baby *-*
the baby->…
in the next weeks.... yeah weeks... ill be working on the geist presentation art and a huge image about design, details and such things,
if you excuse me, i will die for a few hours....

blaze dead...
Hollowed Mockery (geist 2nd skill) by edardox
Hollowed Mockery (geist 2nd skill)
Hollow mockery

it consist on a spectral movement, quick enough to avoid any damage, it moves 6 meters on the direction which  is directed granting on the meantime inulneravility.

welp, the thingy is finally dead, i will have to make everuthing again, the geist psd is gone, rest in peace my child, thi one took 40 minutes as well, hope you all like it, my ign is blazeac btw

Phamton cut (geist 1st skill) by edardox
Phamton cut (geist 1st skill)
one fast movement ten meters ahead to the locked target and when reach the target it deals 300% of the meele base attack of the melee weapon that is being used at the moment and also give bleeding status.

welp as i promised that i would be uploading the geist skills meanwhile i look how to fix the geist proyect psd... sadly is still in coma, anyways hope you kind and gorgeous people like it ^^ BLAZE OUT !!!!!

also i forget to metion the last time that these are fast drawings, this one took me 40 mins and the last one about 50, just saiyan.
about 40 minutes ago, the judge of the supreme court fo my country, venezuela, has sentenced an innocent man, an honest man, loyal to his country, his name, Leopoldo Lopez, to be 13 years in jail, a man who has suffered being in jailed almost 2 years with no reason, by a stupid and tyrant government, by a man who is not president, is a piece of shit, an ignorant, repulsive, horrendous human being, i hate you Nicolas Maduro, we the venezuelan people hate you, you are disgusting, you give the back to your own kind, if there is a god above us, you will rotten in hell, you will suffer as you make suffer our people, you will be remembered with hatred and i will remember you with pity, because you are a pity human, and to Leopoldo, i feel sorry, i feel impotent to be just a person, to not being capable to do anything, to live in this country, a country that kill our dreams, crush with an iron boot on our hope and laugh on our very faces, indeed people, today is a sad and grim day, we has failed our country, i have failed my country....

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